About Whiggy

Whigfield is a Danish singer who gets no respect in North America. So I'm spreading her love. Then again, I'm a freak who likes Euro-Dance music a lot so that's why. She's been around for over 7 years and has had a rough go on the North American market, usually only getting light exposure on compilation CD's. Although her first CD (self titled) did manage to sell a decent amount in Canada. For more info you can read my article on Pile of Crap, or you can check out a huge-fan site here... Download some songs, spread the joy, and have fun.

If anybody would like to send me songs from Whigfield II, III or IV they would be appreciated. As I live in Canada, I am unavailable to get these at a respectable price. Contact me or email me songs! Thanks


In case you haven't heard, "Whigfield" is alive and well, and because of this I have been asked to remove the downloads, so she can get some hard earned cash for the tracks on iTunes.

You can hit up iTunes for tracks by Whigfield or visit her newer, improved facade at the Sannie Carlson website. Good luck, and thanks for visiting.
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